about us

Companies Dot Support is a company based in London, Limassol, Budapest and Athens, which provide a full range of consulting services with proven ability of immediate implementation.

Companies Dot Support is constituted of Multinational Company Managers and Consulting Company Managers, who are flanked by an executive team in the following critical areas:

    1. Legal,
    2. Tax consulting,
    3. Accounting,
    4. Commercial, etc.

Our company is known for its strict observance of the rules of confidentiality, protecting each client who trusts us.

Our culture is purely anthropocentric in order to achieve self-motivation, creativity, and synergy among our people, ensuring in this way the best solutions and proposals for our clients.


How We Operate

The main concern of our organization is to create a relationship with a high rate of trust between us and our clients. Almost none of the services that our clients have entrusted us with could have been completed successfully if there was a deficit of trust between us:

  • Trust in regard to confidentiality
  • Trust in respect to service charges, and particularly
  • Trust in the outcome


What We Believe In

The sole purpose of the existence & operation of our company is CLIENT SATISFACTION.

In order to succeed for the benefit of our clients, we depend directly on the quality of our associates, their continuous training, and their perpetual upgrading. We created an environment that motivates everyone to unravel all of their skills.

The basic philosophy through which our company is differentiated from other similar companies is dealing with each case as unique. In this way, we achieve designed Custom Made solutions, depending on the particular characteristics of each business.

What We Have Accomplished

What we are really proud about is that we have accomplished to create an inviolable triptych applicable to each client, both saving time and also having a perfect «Value For Money-Services» relationship. The triptych is:

  • Quick Diagnosis
  • Rational Approach
  • Decisive Implementation.


is able to manage and add surplus value to the simple but also complex needs of its clients, thus offering the opportunity for real International Tax Planning and International Banking Activities.

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